Wholesale Q&A

Thank you for expressing interests in our teas. Here is a list of common wholesale Q&A. If you have any more questions, please feel free to let us know.

  1. What kind of products and services do we offer?
  2. Why should I trade with CAMERON TEA?
  3. What other advantages of doing business with CAMERON TEA?
  4. I want to place wholesale order(s), how should I begin?
  5. Harvest dates and availability
  6. Sampling policy (for hand-plucked teas)
  7. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
  8. Term of sales and delivery methods
  9. Payment terms

  1. What kind of products and services do we offer?

We are dedicated in supplying the finest loose leaf Teas from Taiwan. Our tea leaves are coming from the most prestigious tea growing areas in Taiwan including AliShan, LiShan, PingLin, Sun Moon Lake and MiaoLi. Our tea gardens are also regular top prize winners for their regional tea competitions every year. We are 100% confident to provide our clients with the best quality of premium loose leaf teas from Taiwan.

We also provide individual sourcing services for more exquisite grades of teas from Taiwan. Please feel free to let us know if you are interested in any Taiwanese teas that are not appeared on our current collections.

  1. Why should I trade with CAMERON TEA?

Due to the wide ranges of typical island climates and landscapes, tea gardens in Taiwan are situated in different areas. Different tea trees are preferred to be growing in different terroir; hence each tea garden in Taiwan is often specialized in growing 1-2 different tea cultivars and each of them are harvested in different times of the year. We visit our tea gardens regularly to help our clients to monitor with all the different harvest seasons in different tea gardens and provide a one-stop service to our clients. So our clients only need to contact one window for all their needs of Taiwanese teas. 

  1. What other advantages of doing business with CAMERON TEA?

For most of start-up small business, it is expensive and time-consuming to travel all the way to Taiwan to source and acquire just few kgs of teas. We visit our tea gardens regularly every year for our clients. We also provide our clients with latest information on harvest schedules. Overall, we take care of sourcing, quality control, logistics and custom clearance, so our clients can focus on revenue generation parts of their business.

  1. I want to place wholesale order(s), how should I begin?
  1. Harvest dates and availability

We only trade teas from most recent harvest seasons. Our teas are generally available within few months after each harvest. Generally, lightly fermented teas are harvested in spring and winter while heavily and fully fermented teas are harvested in summer and autumn. This table is the general harvest dates for our teas.

Please be sure to subscribe our newsletter to get the latest information on harvest dates and availability. Alternatively, feel free to write to us to confirm the harvest dates and availability.

  1. Sampling policy (for hand-plucked teas)
We can provide samples from previous harvest seasons or pre-shipment samples from the current seasons (10-15 grams per tea) to our buyer. For the first time buyers, there will be a sample fee for their samples (which can be paid by all major credit/debit cards via PayPal), and the fee (in USD) will be calculated as following:
30 + 5 x (Number of samples)
So, let’s say if you want to try out 4 different teas from this season, the sample fee will be: [30 + (5 x 4)] = 50 USD
This sample fee can be fully refunded on your first invoice if your total purchasing quantity is equal or greater than 20 kgs. For repeat buyers who have previously order over 20 kgs, there will be no sample fee for their subsequent sample request.
  1. What are the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Hand-plucked tea MOQ : 3 kgs per tea
Machine harvested tea MOQ : 50 kgs per tea

  1. Term of sales and delivery methods

Unless specified, all prices quoted on our price list are EXW prices. We usually dispatch our order within 14 days upon receipt of full payment.
To ensure our teas stay in the best possible condition, we usually ship our teas with DAP terms via TNT/DHL Express. Our DAP prices are usually at an additional 15-20 USD per kg depending on the destination country. This will be a door-to-door delivery by air and our buyers usually receive their shipment within 3-5 working days. (Please note, the minimum DAP shipping fee will be 100 USD per shipment if your total shipping fee is below this number.)
For large quantity orders, we can also trade with other terms such as FOB or CIF.
If you are not familiar with Incoterms, you can visit Wikipedia page for more details.

  1. Payment terms

Full payment will need to be made in advanced. We will only process your order upon receipt of full payment. Currently we only take payment via direct bank transfer and PayPal (please note, an additional 5% transaction fee will be applied for payment made with PayPal).