Tea Review: Sun Moon Lake Black Tea - Assam (Competition Grade) reviewed by SororiTea Sisters May 11, 2014 14:58

Our second tea review on Sun Moon Lake Assam Black Tea - Assam (Competition Grade) is now available on SororiTea Sisters!

Click Here to read the full review on SororiTea Sisters' website or Here to buy our Sun Moon Lake Assam online.

Tea Review: AliShan High Mountain Oolong (Competition Grade) reviewed by SororiTea Sisters May 5, 2014 14:58

How Exciting!! Our first tea review by SororiTea Sisters. Please click HERE to read the detailed review on our AliShan High Mountain Oolong.

"The dry leaves have a sweet, floral scent with hints of fruit.  The aroma of the brewed liquid smells very much like the dry leaf, with a little more floral notes and fewer fruity notes."