Feel free to browse our teas and place your wholesale orders online. Before placing your wholesale orders online, please read the following information:

  • Please write to us if your order is exceed 10 kg, we will be happy to off you with discounts.
  • All prices are based in USD
  • Door-to-Door (DAP) shipping via FedEx or TNT Express
  • Hand-plucked tea MOQ: 3KG; machine-harvested tea MOQ: 50 KG
  • You can also adjust your final order quantities at the check out page
  • Shipping fees: 0-3 KG: 30 USD, 3.01-6.99 KG: 15 USD, 7KG or above: Free Shipping
  • As teas are only harvested in particular seasons during the year. Our teas are subject to availability. Your backorder will be fulfilled as soon as the teas become available
  • Although the partly fermented and fermented teas are subjected to 0% import tax in most countries. Customer will be liable for any local import clearance/import tax/duties.

If you have any questions regarding on placing your orders. please feel free to write to us.