2018 Exhibition Schedules January 19, 2018 00:35

Welcome to 2018!

We hope you had a fantastic 2017. This year we will continue to bring you some of the most exceptional teas from various regions across Taiwan.

In 2018, we will be exhibiting in two major expos in U.S.: Specialty Coffee Expo and World Tea Expo. If you are attending to those expos, be sure to visit our booth and taste our latest harvest teas from Taiwan.


Booth No.: 1103
Show Floor Hours:
Friday, April 20: 10:30 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday, April 21: 10:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday, April 22: 10:30 am - 4:00 pm


Booth No.: 622
Show Floor Hours:
Tuesday, June 12: 11:00 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday, June 13: 11:00 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday, June 14: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

2017 Winter Harvest Oolongs Are Now Available! November 19, 2017 20:40


The winter harvests in Taiwan are all about partly-fermented oolongs. The cold climate in high altitude mountain areas in Taiwan resulted slow growth for tea trees and produced tender, flavourful tea leaves and buds. Those delicious winter harvest teas are now available for purchase! Please contact us If you required any pre-shipment samples for our winter harvest teas*.

  • AliShan
    • A001 - AliShan High Mountain Oolong (Competition grade)
    • A001R - AliShan High Mountain Oolong (Roasted) (Competition grade)
    • A002 - AliShan High Mountain Oolong (Premium grade)
    • A002R - AliShan High Mountain Oolong (Roasted) (Premium grade)
    • A003 - AliShan Jin Xuan Oolong (Competition grade)
    • A004 - AliShan Jin Xuan Oolong (Premium grade)
    • A004R - AliShan Jin Xuan Oolong (Roasted) (Premium grade)
  • LiShan
    • L002 -LiShan High Mountain Oolong (Premium grade)
  • PingLin
    • P001 - PingLin Pouchong Oolong (Competition grade)
    • P002 - PingLin Pouchong Oolong (Premium grade)
  • Ming Jian
    • M001 - Ming Jian Jin Xuan Oolong
    • M002 - Ming Jian Jade Oolong
    • M003 - Ming Jian Four Seasons Oolong
  • Sun Moon Lake (only available with limited quantity)
    • S002 - Sun Moon Lake Black Tea - Ruby (Premium grade)
    • S004 - Sun Moon Lake Black Tea - Assam (Premium grade)
    • S006 - Sun Moon Lake Black Tea - Formosa (Premium grade)
You can find more information about our teas on our website: Those information is also available in our PDF brochure. If you are interested in purchasing our upcoming winter harvest teas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email:

*Sampling fee maybe required for pre-shipment samples.

World Tea Expo 2017 - Tea Tasting Schedules April 10, 2017 09:54

Its almost time of the year again!

Want to try the latest spring harvest oolong from Taiwan? Remember to join our tasting event at 2017 World Tea Expo (booth #838).

See you there!

2016 Winter Harvest Oolongs Are Now Available! November 18, 2016 09:32

2016 November at AliShan

(Photo: Nov 2016 at AliShan, Taiwan)

Our winter harvest oolongs are now available! The winter harvest will mainly be focused on oolongs from high mountain regions as well as Pouchong oolongs from PingLin.

Below are ranges of teas available from our 2016 winter harvest:

  • AliShan
    • A001 - AliShan High Mountain Oolong (Competition grade)
    • A002 - AliShan High Mountain Oolong (Premium grade)
    • A003 - AliShan Jin Xuan Oolong (Competition grade)
    • A004 - AliShan Jin Xuan Oolong (Premium grade)
  • LiShan
    • L002 - LiShan High Mountain Oolong (Premium grade)
  • PingLin
    • P001 - PingLin Pouchong Oolong (Competition grade)
    • P002 - PingLin Pouchong Oolong (Premium grade)

If you have any questions or interested in placing orders for our winter harvest teas, please contact us via email at

World Tea Expo 2016 - Tea Tasting Schedules May 26, 2016 00:49

Its time of the year again!

We will be having some cupping sessions during 2016 World Tea Expo at our booth #524. Please drop by our booth and taste our freshly-harvested tea from this Spring.

See you there !

2015 Winter Harvest Pre-Order October 01, 2015 08:20

5% Discount for Pre-Orders

The winter harvest for both AliShan and LiShan oolong will be taking place around the end of October. We will be offering 5% discount for pre-orders on all our hand-plucked AliShan (A001-A004) and LiShan (L001-L002) oolongs. Please note, there will be a minimum order size of 3 KG for any of the AliShan and LiShan oolongs (10% deposit will be required when placing the pre-orders). If you have any more questions, please send us an email or leave a message below.

Fill your online pre-order form HERE!


Below are some Q&A regarding on pre-order (last updated: 8 Sept 2015)

1. I have never purchased from overseas suppliers. How is this going to work?
Generally, we and our logistic partners (TNT Express) will take care of all the export/import procedures and paperworks (if you choose us to take care of the shipping). You will have zero or very minimal involvement in the logistic process. For US customers, we will also take care of the FDA Prior Notice before each shipment. All our pre-order teas are oolongs (i.e. partly-fermented teas) and partly-fermented tea is often subject to 0% import tariff for most countries (i.e. US, Canada, EU). 

2. Wait, what about shipping cost? Will it be expensive?
We often help our customer to ship their teas via TNT Express/FedEx. For oolongs, our rate is between 15-20 USD per Kg depending which part of world your shop is located. Of course, you can always use your own courier to pick up your teas from our warehouse in Taiwan. Please note, the minimum shipping fee will be 150 USD per shipment.  

3. Are there any minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this pre order?
Yes, you will need to pre-order at least 3 kilograms for any of our AliShan and LiShan oolongs.

4. What's the deadline for the pre-order?
The deadline for completing the pre-order is 15 October 2015.

5. I am just a tea enthusiast. Can I still participate in this pre-order event?
Yes, everyone can participate in this pre-order event. However, you will have to pre-order at least 3 Kg in any of our teas from the pre-order list.

6. How do I make the payments?
For the deposit, we will send you a PayPal payment request which can be paid with debit or credit cards (you don't necessary need a PayPal account to make this payment).

For the remaining balance, you can either pay with:
1. Direct international bank transfer
2. Debit or credit cards via PayPal payment request (there will be an additional 5% transaction fee for this option).

7. Which teas are available for pre-order?
We will be offering a 5% discount when pre-ordering the following teas on our 2015 winter harvest:


New Packaging Option: Pyramid Tea Bag April 22, 2015 20:53

We are happy to announce that we are now offering pyramid tea bag as one of our packaging option for our loose leaf teas. We can provide complete customised packaging solution for small quantity buyers.

Here is a list of minimum order requirement for each customization:

  • 50 units (5,000 tea bags)

Customized amount of tea leaf used in each tea bag

  • 200 units (20,000 tea bags)

Customized printing on each single-serve package (additional customization fee may be applied)

  • 480  units (48,000 tea bags)

Customized tea bag tag (additional customization fee may be applied)

  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in using pyramid tea bags.


World Tea Expo 2015 - Tea Tasting Schedules March 17, 2015 14:52

We will be doing some tea tasting sessions during the upcoming World Tea Expo this year.

We still haven't quite decided on what we going to do in our "Special Session". Perhaps some comparison tasting for teas harvested in different seasons? If you have any thoughts/suggestions for our "Special Session" , please feel free to drop us an email ( or leave a comment below. 

If you are visiting the World Tea Expo this year, please drop by our booth #821 for a fresh cup of tea.

Out Of Office Announcement (16-22 February) February 13, 2015 09:47

We will be celebrating Chinese New Year next week. Our office will be closed during 16-22 February.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Oriental Beauty Black Tea Replenished February 03, 2015 15:31

Finally we have restocked our oriental beauty (black tea). The tea will be available in a 100g refilled pack. 

Out Of Office Announcement (10-15 November) November 05, 2014 00:00

We will be exhibiting in this year's International Coffee and Tea Festival in Dubai.

Orders placed after 9 Nov will be processed and dispatched after 17 Nov.

Quality Control: Tea Tasting October 13, 2014 11:56

A few days ago, we had a mini tea tasting on our winter harvest teas. This is one of our quality control steps to check the quality of our teas.

We just thought it would be a good idea to share some of the basic key points of our tea tasting.

We generally use the following parameters for our tea tasting:

  •  3 grams of tea
  • 150 ml of boiled water
  • 5 minutes infusion time


Before we actually start, we need to observe the dry leaf for:

1. The leaf should be dry and  you should be able to crush the dry leaf with your finger tips. Damped leaf may slightly effect the tea quality.

2. Leaf size/colour should be consistent/similar. This effects the consistency of tea taste.

3. The dry leaf should not have any odd/strange smells (i.e. burnt/musty).


After the first brew, we need to check the tea liquor for:

1. The tea liquor should be clear/transparent with glossy surface.

2. The taste should be smooth with a pleasant after taste.

3. The wet leaf (leaf after brewing) should be expended into a whole leaf. 


We hope you enjoyed reading this short article. Please feel free to leave comments/feedbacks. 

Out Of Office Announcement May 19, 2014 20:41

We will be attending 2014 World Tea Expo in U.S..

Orders placed after May 21 will be fulfilled and dispatched on/after June 5.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.