2023 Christmas Sale!


Celebrate the Festive Season with Our Exclusive Christmas Sale! 🎁✨

Enjoy 15% off your entire purchase, plus free gift cards and tea canisters on orders exceeding $100 or $200 USD. Use all your expiring gift cards now! Our sale is the perfect opportunity to redeem any gift cards before they expire at the end of 2023. Gift cards are stackable, so you can combine multiple cards for even greater savings at checkout.

This Christmas, treat yourself and your loved ones to the gift of delicious tea!

⏰Sale Dates⏰

Start: 2023 December 15th at 0100 (Taiwan Local Time, GMT+8)
End: 2024 January 09th at 2300 (Taiwan Local Time, GMT+8)

πŸ”Sale DetailsπŸ”

🍡 To participate in our Christmas Sale, please enter the 15% discount code "Xmas2023" at checkout.
🍡 For every 100 USD spent, get a free 10 USD gift card (to be used on your next purchase).
🍡 For every 200 USD spent, get a FREE canister (150g) of PingLin Pouchong Oolong (Premium Grade)
🍡 If you have received any of our gift card(s) before, don't forget to enter your gift card code(s) at checkout!

‼️Terms and Conditions‼️

βœ… The 15% off discount code does not apply to our Oriental Beauty Oolong.
βœ… The giveaway gift cards will be issued around the first week of January via email. Please remember to check your email.
βœ… Our gift card is transferable! Feel free to share it with your friends and families.
βœ… Each gift card can only be used once!
βœ… Please take care of your gift card email. We will NOT re-issue your gift card for any reason.
βœ… Gift cards will expire within a year (valid until 2024 December 30th at 2300 (Taiwan Time, GMT+8)).

If you have any questions regarding our 2023 Christmas Sale, please feel free to get in touch with us.😊

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