Online Shopping Q&A

What is the shipping rate?

Please refer to our Shipping Info page.

What is your return / refund policy?

All good sales are final. We DO NOT offer any return / refund / exchange.  

How about product replacement on damaged packages?

All our products will be contained in sealed bags and we will use another paper box package with bubble wrap to protect the bag before placing into the shipping carton/bag. It will be highly unlikely that our goods turn up with damaged package. However, we will be happy to replace any item(s) in the unlikely event that they might be damaged or spoiled during transit. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving should you experience this unfortunate event.

How about import duties, fees and taxes?

Although oolong (partly fermented) teas and black (fermented) teas are subjected to 0% import tax in most countries. However, our customers will be liable for any associated import duties, fees and taxes (if there is any). Please check on your country specific Customs website. before placing your orders!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments from all major credit/debit cards (VISA / MASTERS / AMEX) and PayPal.

How to steep a perfect cup of tea?

It's all depending on how you like your tea. Generally, we use 3 gram of tea leaf and 150 ml of boiling water for 5 minutes. For each consecutive steeps, add 60-90 seconds from the previous steep.

What are the difference between "Competition" and "Premium" grade?

The competition grade means the tea leaves are being specially prepared (normally by selecting with extra fine leaves) to the highest standard for regional tea competitions. The competition grade only means that the tea has the same process treatments as the competition ones, it does not necessary mean that the tea has entered/won the regional competitions. The premium grade also uses carefully selected leaves, therefore sometimes the difference between "competition" and "premium" are very minor.