2020 Xmas & New Year Sale!

Cameron Tea Taiwan 2020 Xmas and New Year Sale


Welcome to our 2020 Xmas and New Year Sale!
Stocking up some teas for your Xmas holiday or looking for a gift for your friends or family? Let our teas accompany you through this wonderful holiday season.

⏰Sale Dates⏰
Start: 2020 December 15th at 0100 (Taiwan Time, GMT+8)
End: 2021 January 10th at 2300 (Taiwan Time, GMT+8) 

🔍Sale Details🔍
  • 🍵 To participate in the sale, customers will need to use 10% discount code "CameronTeaXmasNy2020" at checkout.
  • 🍵 For each 100 USD spend (exclude shipping fee), the participant will be eligible to receive a 10 USD gift card. (i.e. a 10 USD gift card for orders over 100 USD, a 20 USD gift card for orders over 200 USD, a 30 USD gift card for orders over 300 USD...etc).
  • 🍵 Our gift cards work together with the discount code. If you have received a gift card from our 2020 Black Friday Sale, you can also enter your gift card code at checkout to get more discounts!
‼️Terms and Conditions‼️
  • ✅ Our gift cards are transferable. Feel free to share them with your friends and families.
  • ✅ Each gift card can only be used ONCE!
  • ✅ Gift card will be issued within a few days after the Xmas and New Year Sale via email. Please remember to check you email.
  • ✅ Please take care of your gift card. We will NOT re-issue your gift card for any reason.
  • ✅ Gift cards will expire within a year (valid until 2021 December 30th at 2300 (Taiwan Time, GMT+8)).

If you have any questions regarding our 2020 Xmas and New Year Sale, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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