2022 Black Friday Sale!


Our 2022 Black Friday Sale is here!

We would like to thank everyone for supporting us all along. This year, we are offering 15% discounts to everyone at our Black Friday Sale. Apart from the 15% discount, We will also be giving away a free gift card AND a free canister of teas with each order! (For orders exceeding 100 USD & 200 USD)

Sale Dates

Start: 2022 November 11th at 0100 (Taiwan Local Time, GMT+8)
End: 2022 November 30th at 2300 (Taiwan Local Time, GMT+8)

 🔍Sale Details🔍

🍵 To participate in our 2022 Black Friday Sale, the participant must enter the 15% discount code "CameronTeaBlackFriday2022" at checkout.
🍵 For every 100 USD spent, the participants will receive a free 10 USD gift card (to be used for their next purchase).
🍵 For every 200 USD spent, we will include a free canister (50g) of Ruby Black Tea or Pouchong Oolong Tea with the order (the giveaway teas will be randomly selected).
🍵 If you have received any of our gift card(s) before, don't forget to enter your gift card code(s) at checkout!

 ‼️Terms and Conditions‼️

✅ The giveaway gift cards will be issued around the first week of December via email. Please remember to check your email.
✅ Our gift card is transferable! Feel free to share it with your friends and families.
✅ Each gift card can only be used once!
✅ Please take care of your gift card. We will NOT re-issue your gift card for any reason.
✅ Gift cards will expire within a year (valid until 2023 December 30th at 2300 (Taiwan Time, GMT+8)).

If you have any questions regarding our 2022 Black Friday Sale, please feel free to get in touch with us. 😊

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