2015 Winter Harvest Pre-Order

2015 Announcement

5% Discount for Pre-Orders

The winter harvest for both AliShan and LiShan oolong will be taking place around the end of October. We will be offering 5% discount for pre-orders on all our hand-plucked AliShan (A001-A004) and LiShan (L001-L002) oolongs. Please note, there will be a minimum order size of 3 KG for any of the AliShan and LiShan oolongs (10% deposit will be required when placing the pre-orders). If you have any more questions, please send us an email or leave a message below.

Fill your online pre-order form HERE!


Below are some Q&A regarding on pre-order (last updated: 8 Sept 2015)

1. I have never purchased from overseas suppliers. How is this going to work?
Generally, we and our logistic partners (TNT Express) will take care of all the export/import procedures and paperworks (if you choose us to take care of the shipping). You will have zero or very minimal involvement in the logistic process. For US customers, we will also take care of the FDA Prior Notice before each shipment. All our pre-order teas are oolongs (i.e. partly-fermented teas) and partly-fermented tea is often subject to 0% import tariff for most countries (i.e. US, Canada, EU). 

2. Wait, what about shipping cost? Will it be expensive?
We often help our customer to ship their teas via TNT Express/FedEx. For oolongs, our rate is between 15-20 USD per Kg depending which part of world your shop is located. Of course, you can always use your own courier to pick up your teas from our warehouse in Taiwan. Please note, the minimum shipping fee will be 150 USD per shipment.  

3. Are there any minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this pre order?
Yes, you will need to pre-order at least 3 kilograms for any of our AliShan and LiShan oolongs.

4. What's the deadline for the pre-order?
The deadline for completing the pre-order is 15 October 2015.

5. I am just a tea enthusiast. Can I still participate in this pre-order event?
Yes, everyone can participate in this pre-order event. However, you will have to pre-order at least 3 Kg in any of our teas from the pre-order list.

6. How do I make the payments?
For the deposit, we will send you a PayPal payment request which can be paid with debit or credit cards (you don't necessary need a PayPal account to make this payment).

For the remaining balance, you can either pay with:
1. Direct international bank transfer
2. Debit or credit cards via PayPal payment request (there will be an additional 5% transaction fee for this option).

7. Which teas are available for pre-order?
We will be offering a 5% discount when pre-ordering the following teas on our 2015 winter harvest:


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