Upcoming 2020 Spring Harvests

Hello everyone,

Our 2020 spring harvest teas will be available in just a few weeks time. The production of all our Taiwanese teas are not affected by the current
coronavirus situation. We are confident to continuously provide high-quality loose-leaf teas to all our customers throughout year 2020.

This year we will begin with
Biluochong harvests in March. Follow by our major spring harvests of partly-fermented oolongs in various mountain regions across Taiwan as well as small batches of Sun Moon Lake black teas. Here are the upcoming harvest details for each region:

  • SanXia (Mid March)
    • X002 - SanXia Biluochong Green Tea (Premium grade)
  • Sun Moon Lake (Early April)
    • S002 - Sun Moon Lake Black Tea - Ruby (Premium grade)
    • S002 - Sun Moon Lake Black Tea - Assam (Premium grade)
    • S002 - Sun Moon Lake Black Tea - Formosa (Premium grade)
  • AliShan (Late April)
    • A001 / A001R - AliShan High Mountain Oolong (Competition grade)
    • A002 / A002R - AliShan High Mountain Oolong (Premium grade)
    • A003 - AliShan Jin Xuan Oolong (Competition grade)
    • A004 - AliShan Jin Xuan Oolong (Premium grade)
  • PingLin (Late April)
    • P001 - PingLin Pouchong Oolong (Competition grade)
    • P002 - PingLin Pouchong Oolong (Premium grade)
    • LiShan (Early May)
      • L002 -LiShan High Mountain Oolong (Premium grade)
    • Ming Jian Oolongs (Late April)
      • M001 - Ming Jian Jin Xuan Oolong
      • M002 - Ming Jian Jade Oolong
      • M003 - Ming Jian Four Seasons Oolong
    Apart from our spring harvests, we also start to take reservations for our summer harvest Oriental Beauty Oolongs. Unlike the rest of our teas, our Oriental Beauty Oolong will only be sold to customers with advanced reservations. If you are interested in any of the above teas, please contact us via email (sales@camerontea.com).

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